Sales country / Available currencies


National name National flag English name Abbreviation currency
Japan Japan Japan Jp Jpy
Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia ID IDR
Cambodia Cambodia Cambodia Kh Khr
Singapore Singapore Singapore SG SGD
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka SRI Lanka Lk Lkr
Thailand Thailand Thailand Th THB
Bangladesh Bangladesh Bangladesh Bd Bdt
Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vn VND
Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia My Myr
Mongolia Mongolia Mongolia MN Mnt
Laos Laos Laos La LAK
China China China Cn CNY
Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hk Hkd
Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan Tw Twd
Korea Korea South Korea Kr Krw


[Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East]

National name National flag English name Abbreviation currency
 Cyprus Cyprus Cyprus Cy EUR
Turkey Turkey Turkey TR Try
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Uae Ae AED
Israel Israel Israel IL ILS
Qatar Qatar Qatar QA QAR
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Sa Sar
United States of America*
United States of America America US USD
Canada Canada Canlada CA CAD
Mexico Mexico Mexico Mx Mxn
El Salvador El Salvador El salvador SV USD
Costa Rica Costa Rica Costa Rica CR CRC
Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica Jm Jmd
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Republic of Trinidad and Tobago TRINIDAD and TOBAGO Tt TTD
Barbados Barbados Barbados Bb Bbd
Panama Panama Panama PA USD
Honduras Honduras HONDURAS HN Hnl
Australia Australia Australia Au AUD
New Caledonia New Caledonia NOUVELLE-CALéDONIE Nc XPF
new Zealand * new Zealand New zealand Nz Nzd
Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Pg Pgk
Fiji Fiji Fiji Fj Fjd



National name National flag English name Abbreviation currency
 Iceland Iceland Iceland IS ISK
Ireland Ireland Ireland IE EUR
England England United Kingdom GB GBP
Italy Italy Italy IT EUR
Ukraine Ukraine UKRAINE UA UAH
Estonia Estonia ESTONIA E EUR
Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands Nl EUR
Austria Austria Austria AT EUR
Greece Greece Greece Gr EUR
Croatia Croatia Croatia Hr Hrk
Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland Ch CHF
Sweden Sweden Sweden Se Sek
Spain Spain Spain ES EUR
Slovakia Slovakia Slovakia SK EUR
Slovenia Slovenia Slovenia Si EUR
Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech republic Cz Czk
Denmark Denmark Denmark Dk Dkk
Germany Germany Germany De EUR
Norway Norway Norway No Nok
Hungary HUF Hungary Hu HUF
Finland Finland Finland Fi EUR
France France France Fr EUR
Bulgaria Bulgaria Bulgaria Bg BGN
Belgium Belgium Kingdom of Belgium Be EUR
Portugal Portugal Portugal Pt EUR
Poland Poland Poland Pl Pln
Malta Malta Malta Mt EUR
Monaco Monaco Monaco MC EUR
Latvia Latvia LATVIA Lv EUR
Lithuania Lithuania Lithuania LT EUR
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Li CHF
Romania Romania Romania RO Ron
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Republic of azerbaijan Az Azn
Russia * Russia Russia Ru Rub


[South America, Africa]

National name National flag English name Abbreviation currency
 Algeria Algeria Algeria Dz Dzd
Uganda Uganda Uganda UG UGX
Egypt Egypt Egypt EG EGP
Ethiopia Ethiopia Ethiopia ET ETB
Cote d'Ivoire Cote d'Ivoire Ivory coast CI XOF
Dibouti Dibouti DJIBOUTI Dj Djf
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Zimbabwe ZW USD
Senegal Senegal SENEGAL SN XOF
Togo Togo Togo Tg XOF
Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria Ng NGN
Morocco Morocco Morocco Ma MAD
Mauritius Mauritius Mauritius Mu MUR
Rwanda Rwanda Rwanda Rw Rwf
South Africa South Africa South africa Za Zar
Argentina Argentina Argentina Ar ARS
Uruguay Uruguay URUGUAY UY Uyu
Ecuador Ecuador ECUADOR EC USD
Columbia Columbia Colombia CO COP
Chile Chile Chile CL CLP
Paraguay Paraguay Republic of Paraguay Py Pyg
Brazil Brazil Brazil BR Bryl
Venezuela Venezuela Venezuela VE USD
Peru Peru Republic of Peru Pe Pen


(* United States, New Zealand, Russia can not use some areas.)
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