Q: Can I buy without a member registration?
A: It is possible, but when settled, input of address name is required. If you make a member registration, you can save you the trouble of entering each time, so it is recommended to register.


Q: Is the product directly from the manufacturer?
A: Direct delivery to customer addresses from manufacturers is not troubled. For more information Here Please click on the.


Q: Will customs and import consumption taxes pay?
A: Yes. We will pay the duty on imported goods. Tariffs and imported consumption taxes are obligated to pay for the buyer (Customer). Therefore, buildup may occur in delivery. In that case, we accept refund by a given procedure. For more information Here Please click on the.


Q: Do you have any benefits to purchase with personal import and britheport?
A: It is safer than importing products in individuals. If individuals are purchasing and ordering from overseas, defective products arrive, loss of goods or no refunds, and managing personal information, especially for overseas manufacturers, especially for overseas manufacturers Many occur. We consider our customers safely for customers, such as the product of the product, the case where the product is lost or the case where the defective product has arrived, the burden of tariffs and import consumption tax, and protection of personal information.


Q: It is slow to arrive.
A: Sorry. Imports and exports generally take days. In addition, we have a margin to some extent for some time to do inspection. note that.


Q: Can I get out of stock after ordering?
A: We offer stock confirmation with the manufacturer at any time, but it takes about one day to two days to report from the completion of stock confirmation. Therefore, it will be rare casually if the time lag due to the time difference etc. is completed after the order is completed. We will improve it so that it will not be out of stock as much as possible.


Q: Can I issue a luggage tracking number?
A: Yes. It ships from overseas warehouses and sends tracking numbers when shipping from domestic warehouses.


Q: Payment is safe or uneasy.
A: Our settlementIt is safe because it uses a settlement system compliant with PCI-DSS-Level 1.


Q: Is the delivery note enclosed?
A: The delivery note is enclosed with the product.


Q: Can I issue a receipt?
A: If you wish to receive a receipt, please send mail or send PDF from your inquiry email.


Q: Is it possible to specify the date and time?
A: We can only specify time.


Q: Can I track luggage?
A: Luggage Tracking can be tracked after shipping from our domestic warehouse after product inspection. For more information, please refer to the mail sent after shipping.