Login & Membership How to Register

In our shop, it is possible to shop with non-members, but by becoming a member, you can omit various bonus, display order history, and omit the input of the name address and payment information, so please register by all means to this opportunity. It is recommended. The language of the image used for the explanation is an example set in Japanese. Set it to the language you are using your customers as needed.

1. Click the lower icon on the top page

2. Enter your email address and password and click Login. Click Create an Account to register a member. Customers with membership registration have already been completed Please refer to 5 after login.

3. Enter the required items and click Create.

4. If the returned registration completion email is sent, the account creation is complete. Please enjoy shopping.

5. After login, the customer account screen as follows will be displayed as follows.

You can log out
(Order history)
Past order is displayed
(Account Details)
Name address etc. will be displayed. Once registered, you can save time and effort to enter when ordering.