Refund policy

With respect to delivery

  • We shop there is a commodity that can not and the date and time specified is possible product. note that.
  • Please note that depending on the product may be separately packed if you order multiple products. If the manufacturer and inventory storage of the country is different it will be ready and as soon as a separate dispatch.
  • Delivery and packaging, we have the business entrusted to the agency. note that.
  • We published the product is divided into inspection packing and delivery than directly for goods and our partnership warehouse to the customer address from the manufacturer. Please see the product details for more information.Tracking number will be issued in the case of dispatch.
  • The payment due date of the bank transfer will be two days, except for the bank holiday days from the date of order. If past the due date if there is a payment or later date as the cancellation treatment will be a refund.
  • Product we will dispatch arrangements after the completion of settlement of accounts.
  • We will start the launch of the purchase after your payment for the ordered items Stock Now of no request items in the product page.

With respect to customs duties and import consumption tax

  • If the tariff and import consumption tax is levied there is a payment obligation to yourself is your order supervision. Please pay to the carrier in cash cash on delivery at the time of receipt of goods.
  • Taxable amount in the case of tariff is imposed, please contact the customs of each country. Of our productsTariff and import consumption taxIs it will be taxable value of cargo towards the individuals to import in your own personal use purpose, "personal use and personal consumption" of the person who orders is assumed. You may transfer and resell your order goods to a third party is prohibited by law because Please note.
  • There is a case where the above-mentioned tariff (such as consumption tax) separately from domestic consumption tax and local consumption tax is separately taxed.
  • We paid at the time of returnIf you receive a refund of customs duties and import consumption taxOn top of the store always receipt or receipts for expenses that occurred in the above tariff and import consumption tax and any other order during settlement outside, please contact us from the inquiry form the captured data and order number. Make a refund processing at a later date. If there is no data, please understand that it can not be received any refund if you are different from the amount that the amount of data has been collated.
  • Refund of the customs duties and import consumption tax customers in Japan will be the only bank transfer or PayPal.

With respect to refund

  • If the products of any chance out of stock will be the repayment of only the settlement price, including shipping. Please note that in the case of the settlement fee is generated. Our company is performing an inventory check at any time, but if you become a no stock after the completion of the order due to a time lag due to the time difference, etc. until the report from the inventory check completion will occur rarely. We will continue to improve so that as much as possible not to out-of-stock.
  • In the card closing date of the refund by credit card, we may once claim in spite of your card use details were refunded at our company occurs. In that case, it is offset the refund amount on the next month of card usage details. We ask you to confirm the following month's usage details.

With respect to return

  • Return return exchange other than the cancellation and inferior goods after the goods receipt after the payment will be made not principle, but we will respond as much as possible flexible about be other than defective product that can be returned or returned exchange trade. In that case please follow the instructions on the return return replaceable whether contact you from our inquiry form within 30 days from the always a goods receipt date. Please note that you will not be able to respond in any reason for goods that have elapsed 31 days or more than a goods receipt date.
  • Please follow the instructions on the contact you from our inquiry form within 30 days from the goods receipt date for the defective product. Products we will refund or exchange if possible replace the arrival as soon as confirmation to us. Please note that payment returns and replacement can not be made if it can not be judged as a defective product to prevent mischief. In addition, please note that products that have elapsed for more than 31 days from the product receiving date can not respond for any reason.
  • In return processing of customers in Japan will thank you for your return process by the carriage cash on delivery to us by the customer. In return process outside of Japan customers will be basically a refund at a later date mailing cost will be borne by the shipping for cash on delivery is not possible once the customer side. In that case, will be the only PayPal payment, please understand it.
  • Returns will be refunded by the same means and when I went a settlement for the settlement price of the commodity, including shipping costs and if it is approved. It can not be performed by other means. In addition, at the Japan domestic customers bank transfer or PayPal for the shipping of the returned goods, the Japanese foreign customers will be only PayPal Please note.